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Preventive Maintenance Services

Preventive Maintenance involves noticing small problems and fixing them before major ones develop. Our Property Preventive Maintenance programs provide our customers with the comfort of knowing their property is regularly serviced, and as a result, preserving and enhancing its market value.

Preventive Maintenance
Home Repair and Maintenance
Maintenance Program Checklist

HWC Systems' qualified staff utilize their experience and Whole House Diagnostic training to provide an assessment of the property's current condition, as well as, recommendations on actions that need to be taken in order to restore conditions at a level that meets the customer's desires. Every assessment includes recommendations for measures to improve home energy efficiency, and energy conservation.

Drain Cleaning
Vent Cleaning
Roof Cleaning
Touch-Up Painting
Tile and Cove Base
Bathroom Fixtures
A/C Filter Replacement
Flappers and Valves on Toilets
Seats and Washers on Sinks


A/C Return Vents (Dust/Seal)
All Switches Have Covers
All Plugs Have Covers
Door Frames (Touch Up)
Wall (Touch Up)
Ceiling (Touch-Up)
Broken Tile
Tile Warped or Missing
Toilet Tissue Holder Secure
Change Out All Fluid Masters
Change Out Seats and Washers
Sinks Rebuild ALL Faucets

Contact us for details about the following special programs:

  • Property Maintenance Program (PMP)
  • Membership Maintenance Program (MMP)